The Go Epic Team

Real people having a real impact


Lead Adventurer

An adventurer at heart, I started Go Epic to help people experience the world in a different way.  Always dreaming up new ideas and crazy about whitewater.


Guide Extraordinaire & Safety Guy

I love being hands-on and helping our adventurers have the best time.  Please listen to me so I don’t have to jump in the water to save you.


Show me the money

Numbers excite me.  My aim is to keep us in the green so that we can keep creating more adventures.


El jefe de Ecuador

I love welcoming travellers to the ranch near Cotopaxi that has been in our family for generations.  I’m a biker and own horses and have been leading trips for over 20 years.


Peru Specialist

My grandfather pioneered the Inca Trail routes, so adventure is in my blood.  I wanna show you the snowy mountains, dense jungles and epic bike routes of Peru.  Yea I’m holding a piranha.


The Azores Guy

The volcanic islands of the Azores are what I call home.  I love to bike, kayak and go canyoning here, and am ready to show you this incredible place.  That’s not my tractor.


Ecuador Specialist

Super adventurer.  I love mapping our Ecuador routes and every weekend I go somewhere new to explore more.   It’s not Cotopaxi erupting behind me, just my brain overthinking.


Social Media Diva

I am super excited about showing everyone where we’ve been and what we do.  Yes I take selfies everywhere.


Kayak Guide

I love the outdoors and cruising down the river in a kayak while connecting with nature is my escape.  It’s the only place people can’t find me.

Talk to us

We are always open to talk about your adventure travel dreams.  Don’t worry we have bluetooth.